Promotional Printing Services

Bayeks Promotion offers promotional printing solutions for your company. We can supply your promotional giftware items with your company logo. Every item has it's own surface features which requires a special method of printing. For different surfaces we can apply different methods of printing and we want to inform you with different printing techniques. Please feel free to ask our staff for the best method of printing on your item of choice.

Color Printing on Promotional Items

Each company has it's own corporate identity, and each company expresses their identity through their logo. Majority of the company logos are colorful, and when requesting an item that has a print of their logo they prefer colors that match their logo. When a colorful logo is about to be printed there are few techniques that can satisfy customers. Here are the techniques that we can supply.

Promotional Digital Print (UV Print): This method of printing is fairly new compared to others. Digital printing machines works almost the same way that a regular office printer works but this is far more bigger and complex machine. Another name of this method is called UV printing because after the printing has been done Ultra-Violet light is used to dry the dye on items which makes it very fast to pack the items back into the boxes. Almost any surface can be printed with this method. Only some metal and glass surfaces needs a special solutions to be applied before printing. 

Pad/Tampo Print: This color printing method applies each color in different runs and between each run printed surface must be dried. It is not easy to print more than 2-3 colors on an item. But this technique is fairly fast for printing items as pens. Unit price of printing is also fairly lower then digital printing.

Silk Printing: Screen printing is the oldest method of printing. It is old as a few thousand years, back in those days it was used China. This method uses silk fabric and some special chemicals to make a stencil. Dye is transfered through screen on the items. This medhod can also be used to apply up to 3 colors on a single item. 

How to Print on Metal Surfaces?

Printing on metals are the hardest. Most paint can be removed very easily from items. There are some special chemicals used before painting on metal but in the end they all fade away easily. Best solution of printing on metal is laser engraving.

Promotional Laser Engraving: Printing logo on metal promotional items are the hardest. Thanks to laser engraving we can apply printing on metal surfaces that lasts forever. Laser engraving on items are permanent, and can not be erased or faded away by time because laser light is used to burn the surface of the items that leaves a permanent mark.

How to Print on Leather Items?

Hot Stamping: Leather has it's unique feature which allows it to change color and size when pressed in hot stamping. This method is very old in printing, and it lasts for a long time. This method both works on geunine leather and some imitation leather that has thermo leather feature.